Chronoswiss has added great value to the world of watches

The Chronoswiss Watch Factory may be located in Munich but most components that go to make the famous Chronoswiss watches are made in Switzerland. They add great value to the design and craftsmanship displayed by Chronoswiss watch makers.

All Chronoswiss watches can be instantly recognized by their onion-shaped crown and the presence of non-reflective sapphire crystals on the front and back of their case. They are also water resistant to depths of 30 meters or so.

The Chronoswiss watches are known for their accuracy, and precision. Some of them come with a certificate from the Swiss testing office. This certificate is awarded to only those watches whose average daily rate does not deviate by more than minus 4 or plus 6 seconds. In fact, the Chronoswiss company may be young but most of its watches have won name and fame across the world. One such watch is the R├ęgulateur. The uniqueness of this watch lies in the fact that it is the first serially manufactured wristwatch with a regulator-type dial. Another famous Chronoswiss watch is Cabrio, which is a rectangular wristwatch with blue steel hands. Delphis is another major timepiece from Chronoswiss. It combines three different display systems. The minute hand in Delphis leaps back to its starting point after reaching the endpoint of a semicircular arc. But the watch that is considered closest to perfection is Kairos Automatique. This watch comes in three different case sizes: the classical Kairos, which is 38 mm in diameter; the Kairos Medium which measures 34 mm across the dial; and the Kairos Lady which is 30 mm in diameter.

The watch has been named after the Greek word Kairos, which was used by the ancient Greeks to describe a fatefully significant moment which should be seized. The Kairos collection is embellished by 60 diamonds, one for every minute of every hour -- something that every woman owner of this watch cherishes.

The Klassik Chronograph from Chronoswiss harks back to the 1940s and 1950s. It has teardrop-shaped horns, rectangular push-pieces, a dial with applied hour indices and distinctively shaped hands. Opus is another class watch from Chronoswiss. It has a transparent back case back that allows the watch owners to watch the switching and winding processes. When it comes to enamel dials, Chronoswiss has a very special watch called Orea, which means the beautiful one. Some of the other breathtaking timepieces that have come from the house of Chronoswiss are Pathos and Rattrapante.

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