Factors that affect the resale value of a watch

There are many factors that affect the resale value of a watch, some positively, but most negatively. In general, the price of a watch tends to fall rather than increase once it gets the second hand tag. Still, if you do have a luxury watch that you wish to sell, there are three factors you need to keep in mind. These are:

1. Positive factors: There are some aspects that actually alleviate the resale value of a watch. The most important is the rarity or exclusivity of a watch; for instance, if you possess a vintage watch or a watch that has become hard to find in the current market, its price automatically shoots up. Sometimes manufacturers develop limited editions of watches to celebrate an anniversary or some moment of importance; such watches, too, enjoy a high resale value. In addition, people are willing to pay a good sum of money for watches that have an added glamour value; thus watches that have been owned by celebrities or those which have been worn in movies, command a premium resale price. A watch whose warranty is still to expire also retains a considerable part of its value.

2. Mixed value factors: Often a watch owner considers his or her watch as having a high resale value if it happens to be a ‘rare’ edition. But sometimes companies dilute the value of such watches by selling them in bulk. In the process they lower the resale value of such watches. There is also a belief that the possession of the original box and purchase papers of a watch can lead to a higher value. However, this is only a minor factor, and may or may not impact on the resale value. Also sometimes there are watches that sport ‘remarkable’ serial numbers, such as the date of manufacture of the watch or numbers with interesting patterns; while this adds a novelty interest to the watch, it does not do much for its resale price.

3. Negative factors: There are certain aspects in a watch that lose the most value on resale. For instance, watches that are garnished with precious metals or stones usually depreciate over the years. Sometimes manufacturers come up with certain bottom of the line models, which may bear a premium brand name (such as Rolex) but do not command much. Finally, watches from which the serial numbers have been removed form the lowest rung of the resale ladder.

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