How to buy a new watch

It is important to know how to buy a new watch. The first thing you should avoid is buying non-branded watches. The second is buying watches from non-authorized dealers. These two alone should go a great way in helping you buy the right watch.

However, there are several other factors that should be kept in mind. The most important is to know what you need and want. You may want a watch to make a statement, or one with a special combination of features or looks. You may want a watch for recreational, casual, dress, sports, or active wear.

It is more important to explore all your options before you make a choice, rather than to make a selection from the brands you are familiar with. These well known brands may not always be the best choice for you.

Buying a brand with a long history has some importance, though major changes in quality do take place. Some brands with a long history no longer provide the same level of quality that they did in the past. A good place to learn about watches is watch forums on the net.

When buying branded watches, you should not overly concern yourself with technical details. Whether it is a quartz, certified mechanical (chronometer), or non-certified mechanical, most high quality watches have the same basic functions and are capable of keeping time with accuracy.

Romantic ideas about watches being handmade by craftsmen, who have been in the trade for generations, may not be true. The truth is that all but the most expensive watches are mass-produced and the high level of quality is ensured by modern techniques of mass production.

Price is not as important as it is considered to be. It may be better to buy a slightly more expensive product, rather than to choose a low-priced watch that is never delivered, turns out to be a counterfeit, or has a limited warranty.

The number of jewels in a watch movement is not important. These low priced synthetic ruby elements are used as low-friction pivots in the watch mechanism. The number of jewels is prominently mentioned, but they don’t add to the value of the watch. A mechanical movement usually has 17 jewels, though this number varies, depending on the design and functions of a watch.

Finally, it is important to understand the meaning of resale value. Instead of considering how much of your investment you will get back, when you sell the watch, think in terms of how much you will gain or lose, when you sell it.

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