How to look after your watch

A watch is your constant companion, and it is essential that you know not only how to buy a watch that matches your taste and personality, but also that you know how to look after your watch.

The most important safety measure is that you keep your watch strapped firmly to your wrist, and in the case of a new watch, keep it on continually over a period of two weeks. By keeping the watch on your person, you will automatically pay more attention and care to its working and its appearance.

You also need to be careful of shock-impacts or the vibrations that result from such impacts. The setting and wiring of a watch are not meant to handle intense shock waves. It is humanly impossible to prevent at least such basic accidents as dropping the watch to the floor once in a while, and therefore, it is essential that you take your watch to an officially trained technician for a ‘check-up’ regularly.

If the watch is damaged in the slightest, an immediate check-up is recommended. For battery changes or rewiring, you may need to visit an authorized watch dealer once a year or two. For perfectly ‘healthy’ watch, the servicing must be done every four years. Most watches ought to be maintained in an environment of consistent temperature because acute variations in temperature can adversely affect their functioning.

You should also take care of the strap. A frayed strap is a strict no-no; worn-out straps must be replaced immediately. Next comes the dial; while this is not too common, dials do crack (even if they are not made of regular glass). Needless to say, a cracked dial needs instant rectification.

Most watch-wearers are often confused about the winding of a watch. Whether you own an automatic watch or a hand watch, you should first wind the crown, and then set the hands (date etc.) Winding a watch requires some skill and patience; it is a job meant to be done with slow and steady hands. A watch should never be wound in the opposite direction, and when setting the date, never wound back beyond 12 midnight.

For those opting for water-resistant watches, try to avoid soap and salt. You must remove the watch when bathing or when swimming in the sea. Even after a dip in the pool, wash the watch under the tap to get the chlorine off. Like other watches, waterproof watches too need regular servicing and equal care against shock impacts.

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