Patek Philippe carries he stamp of excellence

Patek Philippe is a premium watch making company based in Geneva that has been conferred the Geneva Seal privilege. This privilege is granted only to those watch making companies that follow the strictest codes of excellence, and Patek Philippe is the only watch making company in Geneva, the city which is often referred to as the watch making capital of the world, to get this honor.

It is not hard to understand why Patek Philippe was honored with the Geneva Seal. For starters, each and every part used in the manufacturing process is subjected to about 600 hours of quality control. The final timepiece itself is subjected to severe testing and observation that could last for as long as 30 days.

Patek Philippe also believes in innovation, and has set up a large research and development department whose job is to continue to come up with better products. This department has been delivering path-breaking results since the nineteenth century.

Its most famous innovation was the concept of a keyless watch that it developed in 1845; this was a major breakthrough in the world of horology. In fact the house of Patek Philippe has been granted over 70 patents for its unique innovations over the years. The most recent example is its watch masterpiece, the Star Caliber 2000, which has won the company six patents.

Patek Philippe does not restrict its research and development work to mechanical excellence alone. It also lays great stress on innovative artistry by incorporating such features (‘complications’) as Annual Calendars, second time zones and World Time displays.

Patek Philippe also believes in exclusivity. Each one of its timepieces is rare and exclusive in its own right. No watch model is developed into more than a few hundred pieces, thus guaranteeing the rarity and exclusivity of each model. The company also goes to great lengths in numbering each product. All movements bear an individual serial number that is maintained as a record in the Patek Philippe archives. In this way it becomes possible to keep track of the famous timepieces; the numbers also help to validate their authenticity.

Patek Philippe watches are also treasured as investments on account of the price they command. A few years back, the company created a world record when its Graves pocket watch sold for a million dollars, making it the most expensive watch in the world.

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