Seiko watches

Seiko watches are manufactured by the Seiko Corporation, a Japanese watch company that was started in1881 by Kintaro Hattori. Initially, Hattori owned a jewelry shop in the Ginza area of Tokyo, and used to make watches under the brand name Seikosha.

Seiko produced its first watches under the Seiko brand in 1924 and it produced the world’s first quartz watch, called the ‘Astron’, in 1969. At that time, it used to cost as much as a medium-sized car.

The Seiko Group, of which Seiko is a division, consists of the Seiko Epson Corporation, Seiko Instruments, Incorporated and the Seiko Corporation. The Seiko Epson Corporation is known for its printers in North America. Seiko Instruments, Incorporated manufactures watch movements, while the Seiko Corporation markets Seiko Watches.

Seiko watches are recognized for their accuracy and have been used as the official timekeepers in the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. It is one of the few wristwatch manufacturers that produce all their movements and watches in-house. Even minor items like lubricating oils and luminous compounds are made in-house.

The Seiko Kinetic Collection is a line of quartz watches that is electrically charged by movement. It was introduced in 1992. The Kinetic Auto Relay puts the watch in suspended animation when it is not worn for three days. If it is shaken, it comes on and sets itself to the correct time.

The Seiko Perpetual Calendar Series automatically resets its date settings for the next 100 years. The Chronograph collection features dual stopwatches. The Le Grand Sport Series offers a combination of European styling and functionality. The ladies jewelry collection offers versatility with style.

Seiko produces watches that range in price from $50 to several thousand dollars. Many Seiko mechanical watches like the automatic Chronometer series, Bell-Matic, Credor, King Seiko and the Grand Seiko are prized by collectors. Seiko launched the Seiko Spring Drive globally in 2005. It provides 72 hours of power, as compared to 40 hours provided by automatic mechanical watches.

Seiko watches and clocks, along with Pulsar brand watches are distributed in the US, by Seiko Corporation of America. Of the full range of models that are produced in Japan, not all are available in the US. Many Seiko watches are meant for specific regions, like Asia. Collectors can obtain models through online retailers, who send watches overseas.

Seiko’s 2004 marketing campaign brings out the spirit of Seiko. According to this campaign, a watch says more about a person than anything else, like a car. This is one reason why people who prize their individuality prefer Seiko watches.

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