TAG Heuer is the most respected sports watch

TAG Heuer is a highly exclusive Swiss watchmaker that specializes in top-of-the-line sports watches and chronographs. It has a history dating back to over a century, and its watches, both for men and women, have been endorsed by many a great personality over the years. The highlight of most TAG watches is their toughness and resistance to water (200 meters depth) which makes them suitable for rough and tough wer. . The company, ever since its inception, has strived to live up to its four guiding principles: prestige, performance, avant-garde technology and absolute reliability. In 1985, it was taken over by TAG (Techniques d'Avant Garde), manufacturers of high-tech items such as ceramic turbochargers for Formula 1 cars. The merger resulted in the birth of an ultra modern product line that elevated the status of TAG Heuer watches to the top of Swiss watch companies. The company is now a part of the prestigious LVMH group.

What sets a TAG Heuer watch as a class apart from its competitors is its dedication to precision and continual quest to seek perfection. The state-of-the-art design and excellent production form the basis of everything TAG Heuer stands for. Forever embarking on new technological voyages, TAG Heuer is one of the most sought after watch brands, especially due to its popularity in the world of sports.

The connection between the TAG Heuer company and sports goes back a long way. From the 1920 Olympic Games to its role as the official timekeeper of Indy 500, TAG Heuer has constantly been involved in the cutthroat arena of power sports. Its innovative designs and highly precise watches and chronographs, have led the company to achieving many prominent milestones, not to mention a vast fan following.

For instance, in 1964, the Carrera Chronograph set new standards in terms of legibility, accuracy and reliability for wrist-worn sports chronographs. Just a few years later in 1969, Tag Heuer developed the first modern mechanical sports chronograph. The icing on the cake was achieved with the Microtimer, an electronic system that was miniaturized in 2003 to become the world's first wrist chronograph with precision of 1/1000th of a second.

These and other milestones made TAG Heuer the official timekeeper of the Formula 1 World Championships for more than 10 years; as well as the timekeeper for Team Oracle BWM during the America Cup; and the preferred partner of Tiger Woods. And this is where it proudly stands today, a beacon in the accurate world of timekeeping.

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